How it works

Everything starts for you with subscribing to article sources by topics you are interested in. The Lingolette platform will then create adapted article texts on a daily basis. Each text is adapted to the language you learn, your language level* and desired style*. The texts are supposed to be read extensively, without paying too much attention to unknown words. You may mark such words and add them to your dictionary for further usage by the system. In that case Lingolette will try to inject those words in future texts to increase their recognition and to help you master them faster.

After a text is read you will be offered to answer three questions to the text that Lingolette has generated. By now you are done with reading part and are offered to continue to the speaking part where the text is going to be discussed with an AI teacher.

At any point of time you are also welcome to chat with the teacher on any unrelated topic if discussing articles is not good enough. The teacher will use simple language and will aim to correct your mistakes if it finds them critical. Speaking is simple: hold space bar key while speaking and that's it. You may also type of course if you are completely unsure with pronunciation.

When you write something of say it out loud Lingolette analyzes that and keeps adding words to your active dictionary. This is only for progress tracking. However, you may switch any word into intensive learning mode and Lingolette will know you wish that word to appear more frequently.

*) the feature is not yet public